Advertising and Marketing


Strategy and Planning:

„To do or not to do“ – that is the biggest question. You don’t have to advertise only to be present in the world of advertisements. You have to perfectly plan your strategy to be successful. Here we come to help you out!


Let the numbers talk. What would the data show for your target audience, your resources and the activities of your company? Which communication channel suits you best? We are here to answer all those questions.

Solutions for Optimization:

No matter what business you have, you will surely need some smart decisions and wise prognosis based on data and facts. We are here to forecast your future.



SEO Optimization:

It’s hardly enough to be on top of the result list in search engines. It’s most important to be at the top of the RIGHT result list, in front of the RIGHT audience in RIGHT time. We can help you out!

Design and Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising:

Social media – that is where the audience can meet your brand culture and your brand value. It’s a serious challenge. You want to be seen in your best shape. Don’t worry. Any planning and strategy you need, we are here to provide.

Copywriting and Visuals:

The good content is the one that tells good stories. Stories that your audience is inpatient to hear. The best the story, the most the engagement. We are here to help you get more shares and comments than ever.

Websites and Application:

Yes we do believe that innovation is the answer. That is why we go forward using the newest technologies and trying to be always at the top of the trend.

Email Marketing:

Your business needs to constantly remind of itself. In convenient to your audience way, in convenient time…with personal touch and a lot of wisdom.