08 Jul' 16

Avant-X Technologies has surprised with unique product (VIDEO)

The company introduced for the first time in Bulgaria its newest product Augmented reality.

With a series of demonstrations of its newest product “Augmented reality” (Virtual Reality) Avant-X Technologies impressed visitors in the Mall Sofia and Mall Varna. Thanks to the advertising information system WizzyCast ™ which is a trademark of the company, numerous visitors of two malls became witnesses of an amazing show.

On a large screen located on busy place a video was broadcasted with beautiful girls dressed in provocative costumes who are flirting with an imaginary partner. Anyone wishing to become subject of their charming banter has to stand at a place which was marked with a big sticker and at that moment the fun begins.

All who dared to try the new technology which was introduced for the first in the country, received lots of smiles, interesting experience and true gifts, in addition to virtual emotions.

In October this year Avant-X Technologies has also received a special award in the category “New Technology” at the annual BEGE awards within the Balkan exhibition of Entertainment and Gaming in Sofia. The company plans to keep on with surprises and it  will visit other cities during next year.
Check out the video of the event and find out how visitors reacted.

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snimka Wizzy_Cast_kare